Custom Fingerprints

Fingerprints, drawings and messages !

Find our collection of customizable pendants and rings.
You can engrave your fingerprints, but also the imprint of a foot, a hand, a mouth, a handwriting, a drawing...

You have the additional option of choosing the gemstone of your choice: diamond, ruby and multicolored sapphires.


How to customize your jewelry

Choose the item of your choice.
Draw, note, take your fingerprints, create your jewel.
Indicate briefly where to place it, or trust us.
Your jewel will be realized as soon as it will be validated.


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Use the card provided for this purpose, or a blank sheet without tiles.
Ink your finger well with our ink pad, and take a series of 3 to 4 fingerprints, without re-inking your finger, without pressing too much or tipping your finger.
The first will be too black, the last too pale. Between the two, they will be well contracted.

Feet, hands

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For children, it is best to take all the hand or all the foot (their fingerprints are not yet well formed).
Use dark water paint and a blank sheet of paper or entrust us with a document that you already have.


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Use a white sheet without tiles and a black felt.
Or send us a drawing already made.
Avoid coloring.


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You can write anything you want on our jewelry.
A first name written by a relative, a small word signed by your hand ...
You can choose to write your message, or to engrave it in English or capital letters, in the language that is yours !

The mouth

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Your mouth on his skin!
Put dark lipstick and kiss a white sheet...

Animals, logo, dedication...

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You can also burn a logo, an autograph, write upside down, make abstract patterns or give us a paw print from your pet.

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