Jeweler-Designer of the new crown for the Queen of Luxembourgish wine

Data on the crown made in the jewelry Tom Hoffmann in Grevenmacher :
Hours of work: more or less 30 hours
Weight Sterling Silver 925 solid: 161 grams
Weight yellow gold 18-carat solid used: 11 grams
Blue sapphire set to symbolize the city of Grevenmacher: 0.15-carat

In total 22 diamonds / 0.16-carat.

The size of the crown is brilliant symbolizing the villages hosting vineyards and wine growers along the Luxemburgish Moselle, all set in 18-carat yellow gold.

The outlines of the Grand Duchy hand-cut on a solid 925 sterling silver plate have once again been carefully silvered and rhodium-plated to guarantee its finest brilliance. The Moselle region of Luxembourg is made of a massive 18-carat yellow gold plate, in which are set diamonds and blue sapphire.
Some pieces of yellow gold have been sanded, others are polished mirror. The same was done with the leaves of vines made of solid silver. They were sanded and again silvered in order to receive as a result this bright color opposing the sparkling brilliance of the bunches of grapes in polished solid silver.
Both sides of the lizards are also handmade in solid silver and again silvered. We meet these small animals frequently in the walls of the old picturesque vineyards, reason why they were reserved a little corner on our masterpiece.

Founded in 1954 by Master Watchmaker Gusty Hoffmann and taken over in 1996 by his son Tom Hoffmann, also Master Watchmaker.
Tom graduated from the school of watchmaking and jewelry IATA Namur and expert diamond graduated from the laboratory of Idar-Oberstein culminating in the certificate of Master Watchmaker in 1984.
The jewelry store Tom Hoffmann houses two workshops in Grevenmacher, specializing in watchmaking and large-scale watchmaking, as well as jewelry and goldsmithery with up to 5 masters and craftsmen. All kinds of watches, jewelry creations and repairs are carried out there. Even the diamonds and other precious stones are made in the house.
Besides the workshops, the Hoffmann jewelry naturally offers a wide selection of jewelry with Italian, Spanish and German collections, not to mention the collections made in our workshops. Tom Hoffmann, himself expert in diamonds, proposes to explain and advise you when buying a diamond or for the creation of a jewel with pearls of Tahiti and culture.
The house Hoffmann offers you in its 3 stores in Grevenmacher, very distinct from each other, about twenty different brands with MONTBLANC, EBEL, PEQUIGNET, FREDERIQUE CONSTANT, CERTINA... always having the best after-sales service of Its own workshops.

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