For many years, HOFFMANN-GERVENMACHER was synonymous with watchmaking in the Grand Duchy. Our parquet, murals and fireplace clocks decorate innumerable fireplaces in Luxembourg. The after-sales service of these clocks delivered in time by Gusty Hoffmann and later by Tom Hoffmann themselves is now guaranteed by Thomas Hansen, a watchmaker at Hoffmann Tom since its inception in 1996.

Our watchmaking workshop is equipped with the most powerful instruments and is approved by the most important watch brands. All brands of mechanical and chronic watches are treated with the greatest care and know-how and provided with a guarantee of repair leaving our workshops. Our watchmakers will be happy to explain your watch and also give you advice - if desired - on the purchase of a new watch.

Saleswomen and salesmen

Our sellers and sellers are all trilingual and trained by Tom Hoffmann himself. An honest presentation is a 'must' in our home. For more specific information, our masters in watchmaking or in jewelry will be able to advise you.